Puzhal lake images clipart

The Puzhal reservoir was built in 1876 during the British rule in Puzhal Town, The reservoir was originally a small tank with a capacity of 500 million cubic feet (mcft) and two masonry weirs, built using locally available laterite stones, then functioned as surplus weirs to release excess water from the water body. Today, these masonry weirs are water-retaining structures as they have been replaced by two shutters. In 1997, the storage capacity of the water reservoir was increased to 3,300 mcft and the depth to 21. 20 ft to cater to the drinking water needs of Chennai and also to store Krishna river water received from Andhra Pradesh through Poondi Reservoir and the Sholavaram Tank. Until 2012, the Water Resources Department (WRD) has only taken up maintenance work worth of ₹ 500,000 every year.

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